How did we start ?

"Lets unravel the driving force to our products."

Experiences and human necessity is all that it takes to that inexorable start to a new venture, but for us, the driving force was our mum. A mother who was unapproachably dealing and concerning about some major regular digestive issues, one of which happens to be Constipation. She had suffered severe Constipation for years, and one day the constipation symptoms had worsened her health, even after aiding her with the best physicians and medications till the home remedies that she tried nothing worked in her favour. Thats when one fine day the approach of a Doctor (thats what the entire family is qualified to be, a family of doctors) came into existence and gave commencement to a Pharmaceutical company FINE MORNING PHARMA. The company commenced its services from July 2016, since then it has continuously endeavoured to promote its products based on the feedback received from the sufferers, the prescribing doctors and the pharmaceutical retailers. The response is quite encouraging, and the sales graph of the company continues to move northward.  

Tanmay Gupta / CEO

What do we do ?

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    A step closer to finer mornings with our ayurvedic herbal medicines for piles and fissure. Bringing in the herbs that benefit your gut and areas with piles treatment and herbal constipation medicine. We aim to enhance the essence of your presence by equipping you with exceptional & genuine Herbal Ayurvedic remedies with our own examined and advanced medications.


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