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Ayurvedic and Herbal Anafine Powder | Constipation, Piles, Gas and Acidity |

80 gms

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Herbal powder for Constipation and regulation of digestion, reduces anal fissures, piles and hernia.

Anafine Powder is an Herbal ayurvedic constipation powder serviceable in guts’ discomfort, bringing relief in Constipation. Herbs are churned into a fine powder for digestive problems, which can be exerted undeviatingly or along with water. This is ayurvedic medicine to get relief from Constipation.

Anafine Powder is to treat you well with concerns like Constipation and digestion management, subdues anal fissures, piles, and hernia. These are usually in powder form, but there are natural laxative granules that do the same working.

How to consume ?

Indication – Anafine Powder is an ayurvedic concoction of herbs and shrubs, which helps in digestion and is an excellent formula for managing constipation. It has negligible side effects.

Benefits – This ayurvedic constipation medicine formulation acts as a strong laxative, an astringent, and a lubricant within the abdomen, which helps extricate hard stools, reducing your chances of suffering from anal fissures, piles, and hernias. It is a blend of herbs that serve in gastric and digestive problems and, more importantly, Constipation.

Directions for use – One or two teaspoons of Anafine Powder are to be taken along with water at bedtime or as directed by a physician.

Precautions – Not recommended for children below 12 years of age.


  1. Haritaki – Haritaki is considered to be a wonderful herb that treats ailment all in a natural way. It promotes holistic healing.
  2. Sunthi – Sunthi is one of the most widely used herbs in the Ayurveda since time immemorial.
  3. Saunf – Saunf treats respiratory congestion as well and balances out with all other herbs in the product. It is really good for digestion.
  4. Senna – Senna is a herb that has benefits to wave off pain and keep gut relived from constipation. They have a compound known as sennoside, which are the driving force to providing relief.
  5. Sendha Namak – Sendha Namak is known to have a lot of skin benefits. It helps to detoxify and cleanse the skin. It also combats respiratory issues.

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