Ayurvedic and Herbal Bawaseal Tablet | Piles, Fissure and Fistula | 30 Tablets

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Ayurvedic tablets to cure Haemorrhoids, Piles and other Anorectal conditions.

A blend of herbs and shrubs of Indian origin in the form of ayurvedic medicines used to cure Haemorrhoids, Piles, and other anorectal conditions. Bawaseal Tablets are the best herbal medicines for piles and are useful in the postoperative days following any anorectal surgery when the patient necessitates speedy and soft bowel action. Bawaseal Tablets, herbal cure for piles, reduces pain, bleeding, itching, and soreness of anus and helps heal with the best ayurvedic and herbal piles treatment medicine. This tablet is the best ayurvedic medicine for piles and fissure with the best treatment for piles in Ayurveda, giving expeditious relief with the early restoration of regular activity and decreasing the speculations of recurrence. Bawaseal Tablet is one of the best piles treatment medicines in India.

How to consume ?

Indications – Bawaseal can be used in all grades of haemorrhoids. They overcome the swelling of haemorrhoids, promotes shrinkage and prevents bleeding from them.

Benefits – Effective in preventing bleeding or painful piles, anal pruritus and painful bowel activities.

Dosage – 1-2 tablets twice a day or as directed by the physician.


  1. Chirata – Chirata herb has a benefit of enhancing immunity and dealing with liver problems. It is also beneficial for treating skin disorders. It is also a constipation healer. So many benefits of this herb make it an excellent choice to be used in our products.
  2. Khus – Khus is a herb that helps in treating inflammation. It’s an absolute excellent pain reliever and immunity booster.
  3. Sunthi – Sunthi is one of the most widely used herbs in the Ayurveda since time immemorial.
  4. Nimba – Nimba is good for piles or any skin problem. It has anti- oxidants. This is one of the most used herbs in Ayurveda.
  5. Daruharidra – Daruharidra heals any form of bodily allergies, herb balances pitta and kapha doshas and also reduces blood sugar levels.
  6. Dalchini – Dalchini Relieves microbial infestation in bladder, lungs and heart. it is also Useful in treating painful haemorrhoids and piles.
  7. Inderjao – Inderjao helps to increase appetite and it help to stimulate low digestive fire.
  8. Nagkesar – Nagkesar herb Promotes Digestion, Nagkesar is ordinarily used to treat digestive issues like constipation, gas and haemorrhoids. It is also used to stop excessive bleeding caused by piles.

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32.5″L x 18.5″W x 16.5″H

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20 LBS

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60 LBS



Handle height (ground to handle)



12″ air / wide track slick tread

Seat back height


Head room (inside canopy)



Black, Green, Red


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