Constipation today has been one of the most regularly faced troubles that discomforts the gut and makes it hard for a person to pass stool. Indigestion caused by junk food and overused spices in food cooked by people from Indian origin has been one reason people have digestion troubles and constipation on regular days. Not just that, but stress levels also impact the number of bowel movements a person experiences throughout the day. Many home remedies can help with constipation and make the entire digesting food easy and free of discomfort. Below are some tips to follow regularly to get rid of constipation and all the discomfort caused by the same.

Keeping yourself Hydrated 

Drinking enough water is the key. Usually, when someone is not consuming enough water and is dehydrated for several days, they can have trouble pooping. Which is why the first and the foremost thing to do is drink lots of water and t would be more than beneficial if the water is warm.

Consuming Fibrous food 

Food products with the wholesome and high amount of fibre percentage help in defecating easily. Consumption of foods like Oats, cereals. Vegetables and fruits, wholegrain slices of bread, rice and beans etc. are foods with a high percentage of fibre. But it is essential to have an equally adequate intake of water to keep up with the process of passing stool easily without differing the delaying system of passing the stool fast at home.

Exercise Daily 

Exercising regularly can help improve bowel movements, leading to easing while passing stools that are hard and difficult to excrete.

Exercising does not necessarily mean to go and do a hardcore workout at the gym; it can very nominally mean to go out for a walk or a run. Even doing some yoga would be helpful.

Take a fibrous Laxative 

Consuming laxative supplements can be helpful and can help in inducing bowel movements. When someone tends to be on low fibre intake, they can have lesser daily bowel movements which can cause constipation.

These are some of the tips and suggestions one can take down through their lives to have constipation free and discomfort-free lifestyle. It is difficult to pass hard stools, but with proper dietary intake, it gets easier.

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